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Simply copy the following code into your page and fill it out.

If you have nothing to put into a given field, feel free to just delete that line, and it won't even show up at all. The "default" you see on the right is with everything hidden.

Also note that the fields do not need to be filled out in order. The following are presented in design and data sections, and in alphabetical order, for convenience only.

The hex codes for colours in this template should not include the # -- for example, black should be written as 000000 rather than #000000.

|--- Design ---
| bgcolor = The background color of the entire infobox (hex code)
| bordercolor = The color of the border around the infobox (hex code)
| headcolor = The background color of the headings (hex code)
| header = The text that appears at the top
| headtext = The text color of the headings (hex code)
| title = A subtitle that appears below the header and above the image
|---- Data ----
| age = Your character's age
| altimage = An alternate picture of your character
| attribution = Who said your quote (see below) if it wasn't your character.
| auspice = Your character's Auspice
| birthdate = Your character's birthdate
| breed = Your character's Breed
| created = Date the PC was created (and rank if desired)
| deedname = Any deed-names your character may have
| demeanor = Your character's Demeanor
| departed = Date (and rank, if desired) the PC departed (one way or another)
| essence = Your character's Essence (Mages)
| eyes = Your character's eye color
| fullname = Your character's full name
| gender = Your character's gender
| hair = Your character's hair color
| height = Your character's height
| image = A picture of your character
| logpage = The URL of where you post this character's logs
| nature = Your character's Nature
| pack = Which pack (if any) your character is a member of
| player = Your player-handle
| pyrio = Your character's Pyrio (Bastet)
| quote = Something your character might say, or a relevant thing someone else said
| rank = Your character's rank
| reference = Picture reference (a.k.a. 'Played By')
| septpos = Your character's position within their current sept(s)
| status = This character's status (i.e. Active, Hiatus, Dead, etc.)
| themesong = A themesong for your character
| tradition = Your character's Tradition (Mages)
| tribe = Your character's Tribe (if any)
| weight = Your character's weight
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