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Simply copy the following code into your page and fill it out.

If you have nothing to put into a given field, feel free to just delete that line, and it won't even show up at all. The "default" you see on the right is with everything hidden.

| header = The text that appears at the top
| headcolor = The background color of the headings (hex code)
| headtext = The text color of the headings (hex code)
| bgcolor = The background color of the entire infobox (hex code)
| bordercolor = The color of the border around the infobox (hex code)
| title = A subtitle that appears below the header and above the image
| image = A picture of your character
| altimage = An alternate picture of your character
| fullname = Your character's full name
| deedname = Any deed-names your character may have
| gender = Your character's gender
| age = Your character's age
| birthdate = Your character's birthdate
| breed = Your character's breed
| tribe = Your character's tribe
| auspice = Your character's auspice
| rank = Your character's rank
| septpos = You character's position within their current sept(s)
| pack = Which pack (if any) your character is a member of
| height = Your character's height
| weight = Your character's weight
| hair = Your character's hair color
| eyes = Your character's eye color
| nature = Your character's Nature
| demeanor = Your character's Demeanor
| themesong = A themesong for your character
| quote = Something your character might say
| created = Date the PC was created (and rank if desired)
| departed = Date (and rank, if desired) the PC departed (one way or another)
| status = This character's status (i.e. Active, Hiatus, Dead, etc.)
| reference = Picture reference
| player = Your player-handle

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