Reading through, I noted a few things that I'm not quite sure are befitting the article as it stands, Grebs. First, it's not the sept alpha's job to oversee security of the caern... that's soley the privy of the warder, who outranks the Sept Alpha on all matters related to caern security (though, in the past when Warders have pulled rank, it's once or twice lead to very grouchy Sept Alphas).

Secondly is the matter of the 'preffered form' comment: It is as present the preffered form, but in the past this has not always been so. Just like demographics flip-flop over time from Urrah sept to Woodsy-R-Us, the termanology has alternated between the two fairly freely.

Finally, there exists already a news file on the subject... Given it contains no obsolescent information, it might be worth while to include this in leu of some segments of home grown articles.

I do rather like the list, though, and am wondering if perhaps there isn't a way to include a 'succession box' like you see at the bottom of genuine wikipedia articles. (Such as the one at the bottom of (The last 4 paragraphs, Signed Red)

(Grebbsy speaketh) By all means edit as you see fit, Red (or anyone else). This was just noodling during lunch break at work. Most of it was me getting distracted and hunting through old Salem logs to try and establish the order people came in.

I thought all the news files had already been copied across. Obviously I was wrong-o.

I just wanted to check with you before I edited. :) If only to see if we're on the same page!

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