• Pack Name: Synthesis
  • Spirit Name: Tesla
  • Spirit Nature: Wisdom
  • Spirit Type: Cockroach
  • Creation Date: Unknown
  • Departure Date: 2003
  • Members:
ALPHA: John Walks-Thin-Ice
BETA: Grey (as Salem, aka Scar) (became Alpha upon John's death)
Roger Howls-When-Dreaming
Alicia Guards-the-Flame
Tatt Wildcard
Yi Three-Blades


Synthesis formed as a well-executed brainchild of John Walks-Thin-Ice to unite his tribe of Glass Walkers together into a more cohesive unit, effective at fighting the Wyrm in the city. The pack's greatest achievements include when they took an unorthodox approach to battling the Black Spiral Dancers that had taken over the caern in 2002. By using Kevlar bulletproof vests strapped to their persons, the pack climbed up to neighboring trees where they were able to use rifles and snipe at the enemies rather effectively and from safe distance, at the same time being protected in all shifted forms to some degree. Roger unfortunately died during the caern fall of 2002. When John died during his Fostern challenge, the pack was shaken enough that it did not recover, and finally was disbanded on the decision of Salem.
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