• Name: Ekaterina Ivanovna Seeleena (Katya), ~Swims-the-Black-River~ (Blackriver)
  • Former Names: Moon's Fur (cub name), Rainrunner (cub name #2), Lightning-on-Four-Legs (from Matthias)
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Lupus
  • Auspice: Philodox
  • Tribe: Silver Fangs
  • Rank: Fostern (2)
  • Date of Birth: Roughly 2002
  • Packs: Wildfire
  • Positions: Alpha of Wildfire


  • Creation Date: Nov 17 2005
  • Creation Rank: Cliath (1)
  • Rank Promotion Date: Jul 7 2007
  • Departure Date: Last August 2010

Notes: Blackriver, like 99% of her tribe's lupus, was born in Siberia, just below the tree line. At roughly the age of two she firsted and her kinfetch went off, and she was rited by the Sept of the Snow Born Moon a few months later. She stayed with the sept for about a year and a half before coming to St. Clair. Since crossing the Pacific, she's found herself one of the few Philodox with any honor to their name, and has become quite active in sept politics.

When Clemency disappeared, Justin took over Silver Fangs eldership. Soon finding his leadership inadequate, Blackriver challenged him for the position, and after a brief arguement the younger Philodox gave it to her. When Clemency returned, she allowed the lupus to continue to hold the position.

Looking for a pack, and tired of the inactivity in the sept, Blackriver joined up with Dillen, Cole, Leslie, and Helen, to form Wildfire, a war pack under Wyvern. She's also enlisted to help in attacking the Black Spiral Dancers that threaten the caern.

After Cedric arrived and joined the sept, Blackriver handed over tribal eldership to the Fostern.

She achieved Fostern rank herself in July 2007.

  • Character achieved rank on-screen (successfully challenged Cedric)
Preceded by:
Justin, Cedric
Silverfang Elder
2006-2006, 2008-2009
Succeeded by:<br./>Cedric, Zosia

Preceded by:
Master of Challenge
Mar 2007-Aug 2007
Succeeded by:<br./>Kaz
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