Swarm Song: (Level 0)

Many insects rely on close cooperation and instinctive fulfillment of their role within a colony, sacrificing personal freedom for the good of the group. Garou who perform this wordless, nasal, buzzing chant regularly are said to find it easier to work as part of a larger pack or group, even when individuals have no obvious means of communicating and may be far apart, by understanding instinctively what sort of role they need to take in order to ensure the group's success. It is also rumored that those who use the song regularly are less likely to inadvertently antagonize social insects such as ants, bees and wasps, or their spirit counterparts, when those Garou are otherwise going about their own business. (i.e. it might stop you getting bitten if you accidentally picnic next to an ants' nest. It won't stop you getting bitten if you poke the nest with a stick)

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