Unofficial GarouMUSH Wiki

STEEL FUR (Level 2):

Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into an armor of hardened metal, but limiting his dexterity and losing social clout with non-Walkers. Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift. The Garou must spend one Willpower.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Science (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to the Garou’s soak pool for the rest of the scene. While this Gift is active, the Garou suffers +1 difficulty to all Dexterity rolls, and any Social rolls not involving other Glass Walkers. This Gift only functions in Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus forms.

NATIVE TO: Glass Walkers