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A swirling mass of stars, shifting, coalescing and breaking apart. Starlight will frequently use an image of a translucent, starry woman when speaking with homids, and a similar image of a wolf when dealing with lupus.

History Edit

Though there had been starlight since the Dawn, Starlight acquired her meaning in the legendary times of adventure after the naming of the spirits. It was a time of exploration and adventure, and hope for the future. Those who journeyed frequently used the stars as a guide, a trend that lasted even into much later times, as sailors used the starts to navigate. With the rise of the Gauntlet and the corruption of the Wyrm, some of Unicorn's children grew disheartened. The times did not encourage peace, and it seemed that they may fail. Unicorn knew that she needed to provide them with some symbol of hope. She asked Starlight, the mythic guide, to join her brood. Starlight, sad at seeing the age of adventure end, gladly allied with Unicorn to provide hope and a spirit of questing and adventure to the world once more.

Habitat Edit

Starlight can be found in the night skies of any Umbral realms, and occasionally will materialize in the night sky of the physical world.

Correspondences Edit

Starlight is a spirit of hope, questing, knowledge and discovery. She is the light shining through the darkness to guide those who would follow her.
Heavenly, celestial items and items that symbolize hope and discovery (model space shuttles and probes, etc).

Gift Lore Edit

Gifts bringing hope or aiding in finding answers, the Enigmas ability.

Taboos Edit

Starlight will not appear in bright daylight.

Attitude Edit

Starlight is a spirit of hope and discovery, particularly the discovery of self and of new places. She has helped guide Garou out of Harano and through far-off parts of the Umbra.

Starlight's aid is difficult for some Garou to comprehend. Starlight believes that the only way a Garou, or any creature, can discover the answers she seeks is to find them for herself. Starlight usually answers questions cryptically and gives enigmatic clues, in hopes of forcing the Garou to think for herself.

Stats Edit

Rage 4, Gnosis 8, Willpower 8, Power 60

Airt Sense, Materialize, Open Moon Bridge, Reform, Shapeshift, Tracking
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