Stargazers Tribal Glyph

Mystic spiritualists and contemplators, the Stargazers roam the world seeking enlightenment and attunement to Gaia. Perhaps the most in tune with their inner nature, the Stargazers act as protectors against the Wyrm in the dark and lonely places of the world. In this they are unexcelled, as their understanding of their bodies and spirits allows them to perform lupine martial disciplines and feats of will unknown to other Garou.

The Stargazers split from the other tribes during the Impergium. They saw the Impergium as the undoing of the Garou, and their insight has proved correct. With the Stargazers' aid, the Children of Gaia were finally able to end the Hunt. Most Garou follow the howls of tribe and pack, but the Stargazers step away from this heritage. They seek inner truths and follow individual paths. It is their individual nature, more than their philosophy, which confuses most Garou. Other tribes cannot understand Garou who do not seek group decisions and joint consensus. Many say this is the strength of their human heritage, and it is true that homids make up a large part of the Stargazers. But others realize that the Stargazer ways are tempered by the mysticism of the lupus, the voices of Gaia. Indeed, the Stargazers are potent individuals due to their eclectic heritage.

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