A Respect pack under Bison
Territory: Bawn
Spirit Name: Kabala
OOC Information
Creation Date: March 2017

Pack Information Edit

Stalwart is an NPC pack.

Stalwart are the Guardians of the sept, a pack dedicated to the safety and security of the bawn and caern. Dedicated to their job, they live on the Bawn and never leave save under the orders of the Warder or Alpha.

The pack does not have an official pack alpha, as they all work under the command of the Warder as a unit.

The totem, a white bison, goes by the Quileute name Kabala [kuh-BAH-thluh] meaning White. She is a stoic and deeply spiritual personality.

Joining The Pack Edit

Membership in this pack is specifically for NPC characters. The intent was to keep PC characters from being locked to the bawn. If you wish to retire your character or need them to idle for long periods, then you may request admission to the pack from wizstaff. Your character must be Cliath+ and in good standing with the sept as this is a position of honor.

If necessary to have a Guardian present in a scene, members of this pack may be spoofed. Any extended scenes or events which may bring harm to the pack must be approved by wizstaff. Moving a character here means you will no longer play them on a regular basis. They are an NPC and should be treated as such. You may apply to wizstaff at a later date to bring an eligible character off rotation and back into active play or remove them from the pack by taking them off screen or through death.

Current Pack Members Edit

  • Watcher ~Song-of-Ashes~, Fostern Lupus Uktena Galliard

Former Pack Members Edit

  • none at this time
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