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Totem of Respect Background Cost: 5

Stallion is the male aspect of Pegasus. However, the Black Furies' long standing habit of sending away their male children has resulted in Stallion being largely unknown and unfollowed among his originating tribe. Other tribes though have come to honor the spirit of the wild, untamed horse and call Stallion their patron. Also called Mustang, he has come to symbolize the freedom of the wild places and lord of the open spaces and had come to be a favored totem of the Silent Striders, the Pure Ones, and even the Red Talons.


  • Stallion grants his children his speed. Their running speed is increased as the Gift: Speed of Thought.
  • Wild horses and stallions are often seen as unbreakable in spirit and robust in body. His pack may call upon 5 additional Willpower per month.
  • Though a totem of respect, Stallion’s temper runs hot. His pack regains Rage more easily. Additionally, their hot blood may allow a Rage point to regenerate immediately after spending it. (GM Discretion)
  • Stallion cannot abide by being bound. His followers find their Strength or Dexterity temporarily improved by 1 when escaping from physical imprisonment of some fashion. (Whichever is more suited to the task.)


  • Despite the rejection of the Black Furies, he is loosely affiliated with the daughters of Pegasus still although few of them will admit it and fewer still like it. As a result, packs that follow Stallion will receive no special favor from the Black Furies and might even be treated worse by them than they otherwise would be. -1 Social among Black Furies. -2 for pack members who are Black Furies.
  • He is also known as a rather lusty spirit. At any given time, one member of his pack should be actively seeking to produce offspring (when appropriate). Metis are expected to watch over their packmates’ children and serve as ‘parent’ to younger Metis in the sept. Controversially, Stallion has no qualms about producing Metis as he is the father of one of their revered totems, Mule. Race also doesn’t tend to concern him, as his natural children have produced all sorts of equine hybrids. Good luck to the Garou who tries to use the ‘my totem said it was okay’ excuse, however. His followers are expected to procreate responsibly.
  • As a stallion defends his herd, so too does this totem demand his pack protect those that are their’s. The pack is responsible for closely guarding all innocents within their territory, females and the young especially. Failure to do so means the totem withdraws his support until his pack rectifies the situation.
  • In keeping with being a spirit representing freedom, his followers may never imprison or bind another being unwillingly by physical or spiritual means. This includes enemies as well as spirits or talens (which must be released when promised). Should they break this ban, only the gravest Contrition will give them the chance of repairing their relationship with this totem. Until then, Stallion will refuse his patronage and may even prove hostile.

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