The Master of the Wild Hunt, great Stag is the representation of the wild masculine power of nature. He is an ancient Totem, older than the Garou, and represents one of the fundamental aspects of life. He has taught the Garou their affinity with nature, and was perhaps instrumental in the breaking of the Impergium; he is associated with virility as well. Stag will appear to lost Garou at times to lead them out of danger, and during hard times to aid them in a crisis. Packs who are chosen by the Stag gain an increase in Honor and may tap into the wild will of nature that the Stag represents. Followers of the Stag also gain the skills necessary to survive in the wilds. The Fianna will always be well disposed toward a Pack of the Stag, as will the Faeries.

Totem ban: Children of the Stag must always aid Faeries or their kin in need.

Background cost: 4

  • Pack may call upon 3 Willpower points per story.
  • +3 to Survival dice pools.
  • 3 points temporary Honor.
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