This Gift allows the Garou to make himself heard to an uncommunicative spirit; the Gift it necessary only when a spirit does not choose to make itself understood to the Garou.

Like the Garou's Mother Tongue, Spirits have Spirit Speech. To speak the language of spirits, a garou must have the Spirit Speech gift. (Beast Speech will not work in communicating with the spirits of animals.) Just as some Garou have Spirit Speech, some spirits can also speak with Garou--but might not advertise that fact. Garou who speak Spirit Speech to spirits who can speak the Garou tongue are generally seen as being more respectful/formal to spirits.

Unlike the Mother Tongue used by the Garou, Spirits do not have their own language that can be learned. Spirit Speech is more akin to an empathic universal translator. A Garou using Spirit Speech speaks as he normally would, using English or the mother tongue or whatever language they understand; it doesn't matter, so long as it's a language. Other Garou, if they speak this language, can understand what is being said by the Garou, but not the spirit.

NATIVE TO: Theurge Uktena

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