Totem of Respect Background Cost: 6

Though she has the strength of a lion and intelligence of a human, Sphinx vastly prefers to defeat her foes by a battle of wits instead of employing brute strength (the less elegant solution). Sphinx is drawn to the Garou because they are, as a race, strong like lions; however, Garou are not renowned for their intellect and Sphinx is thus very particular about those she will accept into her folds. As such, Sphinx is sometimes seen as being prideful of her intellectual capabilities, which is sometimes not appreciated by Garou, especially those who generally solve matters with tooth and claw instead of brains and wits. Sphinx is a totem favored by young and old alike (so long as they value intellect over strength), and is often a favorite of Silent Striders and Stargazers.


  • Each packmember gains +1 Wits while packed under Sphinx, even if it brings the attribute to 6.
  • Packmembers are adept at solving puzzles and riddles, often bearing esoteric knowledge or insight through Sphinx's favor. (Packmembers may page or @mail GMs, storytellers, or players to get an extra hint, tip, or knowledge about a situation/spirit/puzzle/riddle that they would normally not be given.)
  • Though she is slow to anger, she is efficient once she is roused. (GMs may provide packmembers with a useful piece of info to potentially end fights more quickly.)
  • In addition, packmembers gain a blanket +1 to combat rolls against anyone who's recently lost a riddle contest to the packmates (or Sphinx itself). However, if they have recently lost a riddle contest to that opponent, they will fight at a disadvantage. (-1 to similar rolls.)


  • Sphinx will only allow Garou with above-average Wits and Intelligence (native 3 or above) to pack under her; She will occasionally make an exception for those with lower abilities who actively working to increase their mental capacities (aka, who are in an active +learn).
  • Sphinx's followers may never refuse a riddle, but something must be risked by the challenger. If the Garou fails to solve the riddle, the Garou must reward the challenger with something relatively proportional to what was wagered. (Of course, the scales are almost always weighted in the Sphinx follower's favor with Sphinx's boon of insight.)
  • They tend to be somewhat off-putting to their less intellectually inclined Tribe and Septmates, particularly in situations where their intellectual focus is brought into play.

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