Speech Of All things (Rank 3)

The Children of Gaia must communicate if they wish to accomplish their goals of unity and understanding. This Gift is a greater version of the Speech Of The World Homid Gift. The Garou can understand, read, write and speak any language as fluently as she physically can. She can emulate the roars of the Simba, but any member of that Breed would know the difference since she does not have the vocal capacity to make the correct sounds. Within those limits, she can speak the languages of various Changing Breeds, she knows the secret rune languages of dead magi, and if she were so inclined, she could even understand the dread tongues of the Wyrm. This Gift does not protect the Garou mind from what she hears. A servant of Unicorn teaches this Gift.

(System: The character can understand any language once she has learned this Gift. With an Intelligence + Academics roll (difficulty 7) she can read and write in those languages for the scene. If the language is not in common usage by more than a single, small group or culture -- or does not have a written form -- the difficulty increases to 9.)

NATIVE TO: Children of Gaia

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