This Wendigo rite is a more powerful version of Rite of Cleansing, but can only be used on a single garou, not an item or area like Cleansing. Snow Walk is typically performed as a "last resort" effort for taints or sicknesses which are resistant to Cleansing. There is no guarantee that Snow Walk will cleanse/cure a garou, but it has a better chance of success than Rite of Cleansing. This higher chance of success also comes with a higher chance of danger, as the ritual itself is grueling. Garou that survive the rite typically receive injuries proportional to the taint removed. Significant levels of corruption--the kind that Cleansing cannot purge--can often result in the Snow Walker receiving battle scars or dying

The Garou wishing to be cleansed must have the ritual performed upon them by the ritualist. A ritualist cannot perform this rite upon themselves. The target must take homid form and remove all clothes, items, and accessories--they must be stark naked with nothing on them but flesh. The ritual then removes the garou's ability to change forms, use gifts, use rites, use rage, heal damage, enter the umbra, and soak aggravated damage. The target garou is effectively rendered human for three days. The now "human" garou must then immediately leave the area and seek out the most remote, harsh environment possible. Traditionally this is a brutal snowstorm or the treacherous side of a mountain, though some regional variations call for the garou to go out into the desert.

The garou is buffeted and attacked by nature for three days, alone, without aid or tools or shelter of any kind. If the garou survives, the rite culminates in strong winds that buffet/attack the garou. If the garou is still alive at the end of this ordeal, the rite is completed and the taint likely removed. It is not uncommon for a garou to emerge from this rite with a battlescar (commonly loss of toes or fingers from frostbite up north), and death is sometimes the outcome. Generally the chance of permanent injury or death is proportional to the level of taint, though the ritual is, even at its easiest, still a brutal ordeal.

[Type: Accord Rite / Wendigo Philodox]

(Source: Wendigo Tribebook)

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