• Name: Sept of Snow-Lies-Deep
  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • Composition: Mostly Wendigo, Uktena, a pack of Black Furies
  • Totem: Owl
  • Nature: Wisdom
  • Level: 1-2 (estimated)
  • Sept Alpha: Grey-Tail, Athro Lupus Theurge
  • Caern Warder: Sprinkles-the-Snow-with-the-Blood-of-Foes, Adren Lupus Ahroun
  • Moon Bridges: N/a

History: N/a

Additional Notes:

The sept is small and shrinking; very few have even heard of the Caern, save a few Uktena who visit to learn from Owl or the theurges.
The Caern is so far from civilization that the sept is seldom bothered by human affairs.
A semi-powerful Fury pack patrols the area, protecting the Wyld.
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