Welcome to Snakes and Lattes, the specialty cafe that caters to all your card and board game needs! So please: come on in, have an espresso, pull a game from the shelf, and enjoy your stay.

Cafe Hours are from 11am-2am, every day.

OOC StuffEdit

Snakes and Lattes is a legit IC business, but it doubles as a Kin-safehouse. This is to allow Kinfolk to keep up to date with recent events and, maybe, spread the news around a little bit! :) Even if you don't log in your Kinfolk all that often, they can always head over to the Snakes and Lattes Cafe, see if anything new is happening, then run off and RP -- as they now (potentially) have something to RP about! It will, hopefully, also serves as a gathering point for Kinfolk characters and become something of a RP-Hub. Or, you can bypass sending your character-body to the Cafe and just access the Message Board and Kinfolk Whitepages by following these links. If your Garou char wants to access the Board/Whitepages, they are free to do so. 

Some info that should be known by local Kin/GarouEdit

Snakes and Lattes is a speciality cafe that is owned by Val,  and is located on 'Silver and Ellicott Streets, Midtown'. It serves a multitude of baked goods, goodies, sandwiches, coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, and a variety of other items. It even has a small alcohol bar. The cafe boats an impressive selection of board and card games for patrons to play and enjoy.

It is also a safehouse and gathering place for Kinfolk. The second floor can be accessed by heading up the stairs at the back of the cafe and punching '5463655' (kinfolk) into the security keypad that is above the handle of the door at the top of the stairs.  

Access to the Cafe after hours can be obtained by punching '5463655' (kinfolk) in to the security keypad that is above the handle of the heavy door at the rear entrance. The rear of the cafe boasts a small backyard and a fairly sizable doghouse, which Bad-Boy appears to have taken up residence in.

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