Silver Fangs Tribal Glyph

In the annals of the Garou, the Silver Fangs hold a prominent place. They possess the purest and most rarefied lineage of the Garou, and have acted as the aristocracy and paragons of the Garou through the ages. Find a mighty hero, a wise sage, or creative virtuoso in the Garou epics, and as often as not that mythic figure will be a Silver Fang. But in recent years, a strange malady stalks the noble line: fewer and fewer chidren are born to them, and those that are often display disquieting traits that other Garou have only recently dared to call madness. Though pure and beautiful on the outside, sickness slowly rots the core of the Garou's greatest lords.

Silver Fang legends hold that their tribe began in the Golden Age before time, and that all Garou tribes are descended from that first progenitor race. They believe that all other tribes are dilutions of Silver Fang stock, and none are as pure or as close to the Progenitor Wolf as they. Therefore, they believe that they are the only tribe with the right to rule all tribes. In addition to ruling the Garou, Silver Fangs have been rulers of packs and human civilizations. They intermarried in royal houses and fought vampires, mages, and Wyrm minions for temporal power. They jealously guarded homid and lupus breeding stock to keep their bloodlines pure. But that purity has resulted in inbreeding, and the Silver Fang line becomes more frail and fearful.

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