Shrouded Cove (Fallen)
Location: Smoky Mountains, outside Knoxville, Tennessee
Composition: Shadow Lords, few Children of Gaia, a few other visitors
Totem: Fog
Nature: Wisdom (Level 2)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff

History[edit | edit source]

This is an old Caern, dating back to the Croatan among the Cherokee. The Children and their Kinfolk found it abandoned in the 1700s, and claimed it, holding it against the Uktena who saw it as a monument to their lost Brother. During the Revolutionary War, the Children formed an alliance with the nearby Verbena coven. In the early 1900s, more Garou of several tribes arrived, many of them of lupus stock. More recently, however, faced with expanding Glass Walkers from Knoxville, the sept named a Shadow Lord as its Alpha. Most of the Children of Gaia left in sorrow (and passive-aggression), ultimately forming the Caern of the Broken Chain.

Former Residents[edit | edit source]

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