(This Story format was shamelessly stolen from the awesome Red)

The pursuit of a mundane madman revealed the existence of a mysterious and horrible Misery Realm that has a connection to the Penumbra at the Kent's Crossing Women's Shelter. This connection is having a horrible effect on all that is near it and must be severed.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Characters:
    • Major Characters: Want in? Get in!
    • Minor Characters: Alicia Charlene (So far.)
    • Characters Needed:
      • Garou and spiritually minded allies to the Garou.
      • The Women's Shelter is suffering from spiritual and emotional fallout and could use non-Garou to go in and soothe their troubles.

Events (Potential Spoilers)Edit

Not all the details here are ICly known. Please be *extra-careful* not to cross IC and OOC knowledge. If in doubt, your character doesn't know it. But this is a general progression of how events have played out thus-far.

  • Alicia, after stopping Qiao Ling's rampage which ended at the Kent Crossing's Women's Shelter, had to escape while the bottom floor swarmed with police and other potential Veil risks. She stepped sideways during a thin moon and found herself pulled into a Misery Realm which was a very unpleasant experience. This was the first time this realm was discovered by local Garou. She was emotionally and spiritually assaulted by a very powerful spirit that drained her will and sent her suicidal and self-hating thoughts.
  • Guarding the opening of the Misery Realm, preventing things inside from coming out into the Shelter is a spirit that appeared to Alicia to be a powerful Valkyrie complete with a golden spear capable of devastating several of the banes at once that attempted to follow Alicia out of the Misery Realm.
  • Without further investigation, it is not possible yet to determine the nature of the Misery Realm, the powerful spirit (or spirits) within that attacked Alicia, or the Valkyrie.
  • Excelsior appeased the Valkyrie guardians of the
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