Shattered Song (Fallen)
Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Composition: Black Spiral Dancers (Formerly Wendigo, Silver Fang, Red Talon, Silent Strider)
Totem: Formerly Eagle
Nature: Strength (Level 2)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff

History[edit | edit source]

The caern's fall to the Wyrm in 1997 stemmed from internal politics. The Pure Ones begrudged the Silver Fangs membership due to considerable contributions to the caern (namely, securing the title for the land). When the Fangs "rightfully" took place as heads of the sept a decade later, Eagle abandoned them, leaving them exposed to the Wyrm under which they fell. Only a few Silver Fangs survived the battle, who made a successful effort to cleanse the caern. The Fangs eventually abandoned further restoration, as spirits felt they betrayed the other Garou and were unwilling to answer the search for a new totem.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Rumor has it that members of the Caern of the Peace Frog are working to restore Shattered Song, but given the nature of Peace Frog's members, it is unlikely that this will occur any time soon. The Silver Fangs still hold the title for the land, though few traverse the terrain; the spirits have not fully forgiven their tribe for the caern's fall.

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