Cold, proud, vengeful, a

Shadow Lords Tribal Glyph

nd ruthless, the Shadow Lords are the dark warriors of the Garou. Mighty in battle and cunning in peacetime, the Shadow Lords follow the path of ambition and conquest wherever it leads. Their courage and tenacity are unquestioned, but neither is their arrogance, and the Shadow Lords will stop at nothing less than total command of Garou and human alike. Although they do not care to admit it, more than one member of this clan has been lured to the Wyrm by the promise of power.

The Shadow Lords are the ultimate social Darwinists. They tolerate no whining voices of egalitarianism or moderation. One Garou, and one Garou alone, leads each pack and sept -- the strongest. While there are councils of elders among the tribe, there is always a clear hierarchy of dominance and submission. They understand, though, that strength is measured in more ways than raw physical might. Cunning and charisma are as valued as sheer power. Indeed, a physically strong leader who is oafish or speaks poorly is seen as less than perfect. The Shadow Lords truly see themselves as separate from all other Garou. While the others are creatures of Gaia, the Shadow Lords alone are the offspring of the union of two divinities -- Gaia and Grandfather Thunder. As such, they feel that they alone are the Garou fit to lead the race as a whole.

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