Seven Oaks (Fallen)
Location: Minnesota
Composition: Get of Fenris (previously also Red Talons and Wendigo)
Totem: Fenris
Nature: Leadership (Level 1)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff


Until the mid 1990s this all Get sept was on peaceful terms with their few Red Talon and Wendigo neighbors. In 1996 the extremists of the tribe took over the Sept and forced out the others. The KKK became heavily active in the area, and the local human population was 'safe' to grow.

There were less than a dozen Garou in the Sept by then, however, and eventually this proved too few to sustain the strength of the Caern.

It was apparently destroyed some time in 2006, without being turned to the Wyrm.

Nobody of the sept is known to have escaped so detail is minimal, but rumour suggests that vital Rites were not performed as part of the regular upkeep of the Caern.

The Gauntlet in the Caern area is no longer any thinner than that of its wider surroundings.

Former ResidentsEdit

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