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History:The Caern of the Hidden Walk was extremely powerful, but was drained of energy by a Mage and made much weaker than it had been. However, the Sept was able to retrieve a powerful Wyld fetish from the Deep Umbra which they though would restore the power that they had lost. They were wrong.

Or at least they thought they were.

Turns out that the Wyldling spirit bound inside of the fetish actually caused a massive physical and spiritual transformation of the Caern land. The Caern was originally reopened in November of 1993, having been dormant for a half-century previous, since the Wendigo abandoned it. It was for a time favored by the spirit of Fog, also know as Aeolus. Today it is instead tied to the patronage of Chimera. For more information on this Caern, contact a knowledgeable Garou.

Additional Notes: This is the PC caern on GarouMUSH.

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