The office of the Sept Beta was introduced under Jacinta's alphaship in 2014 to answer a divide between the Garou of the city and the Garou of the woods. With the role of Alpha having been unified with the bawn-bound Warder, it left those of the city without a ready source of leadership. Even under new leadership, the position has remained to provide a much needed go-between among the sept's diverse tribal base. Like a pack beta, the Sept's Beta serves as a second-in-command under the Alpha and Warder and is expected to be able to suffice in either roles when needed. Should either one fall, the Beta will stand in until a permanent replacement is determined.

Like all sept offices, the position of Beta is one that can be challenged for, but in general is expected to be a Garou of universal excellent standing among the sept, well renowned and honored, and able to hold relations with both urban and rural tribes. Few positions require more flexibility and hard work.

At present, the Sept Beta is Mouse, an Athro Metis Glass Walker Theurge.

Below is a list, as best as currently remembered, of Sept Betas since the position was introduced:

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