The Alpha of the Sept is the one Garou held accountable for all the members of the Sept, and is the ultimate authority and arbitrator. Much like the leader of a pack, the Alpha of the Sept must make executive decisions as to the Sept's attitudes and future, based on the advice of the Elders. Despite his or her authority, however, an Alpha must often tread carefully, for it is not altogether unheard of for an unpopular or tyrannical Alpha to be ousted by a resentful or dissatisfied Sept.

Different types of Septs view the Alpha position in a variety of ways. For instance, a Red Talon Sept Alpha would be the final word, questionable only through challenge, while the Alpha of a predominantly Child of Gaia Sept might be more democratic in his or her rule and be open to suggestions. Regardless, the Alpha of a Sept is its leader with all the authority and responsibility that that implies.

At present, the Sept Alpha is Mouse, an Athro Glass Walker Metis Theurge; she is holding it in the interim while a challenge for a replacement is held.

Below is a list, as best as currently remembered, of Sept Alphas since GarouMUSH opened for business in 1993:

All ranks given are 'at the time'.

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