A Sept is a community of Garou, typically centered around the protection of a Caern, its Bawn, and a larger area known as the Protectorate. Septs are not always linked to a Caern; a large group of Garou in the process of trying to bring a Caern into being, or who are searching for a Caern site, would also be called a Sept. However, in the absence of an established Caern, a Sept's power is greatly diminished, so most communities of Garou who consider themselves a Sept will be actively seeking a Caern in some fashion.

Because the Garou Tribes do not see eye to eye on many things, most Septs are composed of only a few of those Tribes, and fewer still will usually be the dominant leaders. There are always exceptions to this (the Hidden Walk being a notable one), but they are just that--exceptions.

The structure of a Sept can vary by the Tribes who lead it, and in the case of homid-populated Septs, by the local human culture.

A typical Garou Sept will have the following leaders:

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