There are many warrior-Banes of the Wyrm, and some of the best known are Scrags. Scrags are ghastly middling-Jaggling spirits of murder, known for having all the subtlety of that horrific act. The appear as ghoulish spirits, sickly green-grey with razor like claws and fangs. They move about like a Gorilla, on hands and knuckles in a perpetual slouch, though this belies their frightening speed and agility. Their violence is not held in check, and as soldiers, they engage in orgies of bloodlust.

The first Scrag is said to have been born at the moment of the first murder. Like all stories in the legendary times, the details vary wildly between Tribes, including Cain and Able, the Slaughter of the Lamb, and the unspeakable crime committed by The First Ronin, depending one's Tribe and human culture. They are numerous near genocidal killing fields and the sites of lynchings, and other atrocities of the same nature. They tend to rove in packs when they can, descending on victims en mass to engage in a binge of death and dismemberment, frequently taunting their victims with macabre humour as they do.

Scrags are also notable in two other ways. First, they tend to be known for their ability to Incite Frenzy in even the most mild of Garou. It is not uncommon for them to spark frenzy in one member of a pack, and then sit back as the pack is bloodied by violence among otherwise friends.

Secondly, they are known for their different manner of Possession. They target hosts with violent tendencies, and slowly posses them until their victim appears to physically transform into the physical appearance of a Scrag two days later. While the transformation occurs, the hosts take on more and more characteristics of the personality of Scrags, until the are nothing more than Scrags, physically. Scrags frequently will de-possess their hosts after acts of unspeakable violence and mayhem, leaving them in full knowledge of their actions. Much of the exploits of possessed humans became the legends of Ghouls in previous eras, and in modern times, some of the many casual murder-sprees are derived from this possession (Although far from all, as many Humans are evil enough without needing aid).

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