• Name: Sand
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Wolf
  • Date of Birth: 1990?
  • Packs: Mountain Bowl Pack
  • Positions: Alpha of Mountain Bowl Pack -1997 - 2002


  • Creation Date: Thu Dec 7 15:58:57 1995
  • Departure Date: 2002


Mated with Eris in 1995. Produced 1 surviving Garou pup named Climbs to the Mountain's Peak born in May of that year. In 1999, mated with Mountain's Peak. Five pups of that litter survived to adulthood, though none were Garou.

Was ousted as Alpha in late 2001, early 2002 by one of his sons. Died of old age/natural causes in 2002.

To spend five minutes in this wolf's company is to realize you have been ruled by him all your life. It is not that he is a particularly fearsom wolf, being no larger than any other; nor that he bears ample scars in proof of some otherworldly might, for he has none- but rather that he exudes a sense of majesty in his carriage and in even the most minute movement. His eyes are a rich brown, and betray solely a patient way of gazing upon the world. His coat- from which he takes his name- is coarse and thick, being a wash of grey upon which there appear moments of tan; the longer black guard hairs add to his sandy appearance. For all his strange duality in simplicity and might, there is nonetheless a current of the instinctual about him, as if his eyes sought after prey, his legs yearned for the chase, and his claws flexed for its successful conclusion.

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