• Pack Name: Salmon's Leap
  • Spirit Name: Silverscale
  • Spirit Nature: Wisdom
  • Spirit Type: Salmon
  • Creation Date: March 2001
  • Departure Date: May 2002
  • Members:
    • ALPHA: Sepdet Hope-Star, Adren Metis Theurge of the Silent Striders
    • BETA: Joseph Soulcatcher, Fostern Homid Theurge of the Wendigo
    • Leonard Brings-the-Buffalo-Home, Cliath Homid Galliard of the Wendigo
    • Yi Three-Blades, Cliath Homid Ragabash of the Bone Gnawers
    • Duane Flamecaller, Cliath Homid Galliard of the Uktena
    • Mitwitchuck, Cliath Metis Philodox of the Uktena
    • Thunder-Runner


Salmon's Leap was originally named Avalon and intended to be under Black Unicorn, using Lake Arthur Island as its territory. However, once Andrea Drinks-Deeply-From-the-Bitter-Cup arrived with her pack, Ouroboros, in tow and took over the island, the pack shifted its sights to Rainbow Lake and the surrounding Two Eagles Bluff vicinity as its general territory.
Salmon's Leap was greatly renowned for its spiritual power and communication until the fall of the Hidden Walk in 2002. Though largely located in the woods area, they did have a hand in occasional city affairs. Lead by the Adren metis theurge Sepdet Hope-Star, the pack's main quirk was the inclusion of members of the Pure Tribes along with Yi, its lone Bone Gnawer. Salmon's Leap's greatest known feat as a pack was the disruption of the Black Spiral Dancers' rite to fully corrupt the caern, via Silverscale's Flood charm. To protect Silverscale from harm during this time, the pack along with many other Garou ended up fighting a massive bane that wielded six silver circular saws, one on each limb.
After the defeat of the Black Spiral Dancers at the caern, Salmon's Leap remained up until disagreements between Sepdet and Leonard created a rift in the pack's main membership. Once the caern was rebuilt under the watch of Chimera, the pack disbanded and its members went their separate ways.
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