Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

Salmon is a spirit of self-sacrifice and determination, patience and understanding of the cycle of life and death. Every year, her children gather from the oceans to swim and leap up freshwater rivers to spawn. They give their lives in exchange so that their children and other animals who feed upon the salmon may live. As such, whole ecosystems depend on the annual salmon run. Garou and humans alike recognize Salmon as wise spirit whose knowledge extends far into the waters of the Umbra. Those who follow Salmon are able to gain a glimpse into the deep knowledge that she holds, and utilize it in their cause.


  • Packmembers may perform a jump similar to that of the Lupus gift 'Leap of the Kangaroo', as long as they start and stop on water.
  • Like their patron, they may swim for extremely long periods of time without tiring. (+1 stamina in water.)
  • When they dive deep into Salmon's waters, the packmate may seek secrets and hidden knowledge. (If they are seeking lost knowledge, it often helps to stay under for as long as possible; packmembers often almost drown, in search of such important knowledge.)
  • Each packmember may use the Gift: Spirit Speech.


  • Packs must do their best to protect and honor other spirits. They must never refuse a call for aid from a Gaian spirit.
  • In keeping with this call to honor spirits, when packmembers hunt their food, they must always honor its spirit; this preferably involves use of the Rite Prayer For The Prey.
  • In some fashion, yearly, they must metaphorically sacrifice themselves in some way. Salmon does not ask death of Her Garou children, but some kind of symbolic death and rebirth; there are as many methods of this as there are Garou.

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