Jack Salem

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Jack Salem has been a member of the Hidden Walk for over a decade, and to say that he has a checkered past is something of an understatement. The rumor is that he used to be a Ronin and an Ahroun, and though he's with the Glass Walkers now, his Shadow Lord heritage is painfully obvious to any Garou who looks at him. He's been Satired at least once in his life (though it happened away from St. Claire), and once was punished under Voice Of The Jackal. He is a known Charach, though that news is now several years old and the Judgement for it happened at another Sept.

He is well-known to be a hellishly effective fighter, but his frenzies can be fatal; more than one Garou has died when Salem is under the grip of his Rage.

He is unapologetically urrah, though for a Glass Walker seems far more interested in old technology than new. He almost single-handedly turned an abandoned five-story wreck into a liveable space which is currently used by the Glass Walkers and other members of the Sept. He's been a repo man in the past and seems to have a knack for maintaining and repairing old cars. He's been knocking around St. Claire a good long time and knows it better than most. His knowledge of Sept history is quite profound.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about him is his age. Born in 1973, Salem was in his late thirties until only a couple of years ago, when a month's disappearance caused him to age another thirty years or so (as well as gain a massive collection of new battlescars). Only a few people, those very close to him, have an inkling as to what happened to him; he's not been forthcoming about the experience. Since coming back, Salem spends most of his time in the city's slums, among the homeless, who know him as "Jack", "Scar", or "that scary 'Nam vet". He also spends a good deal of time prowling about Harbor Park.

Although The Crew has disbanded, Salem keeps up a good relationship with Nine-Lives, the rat-spirit who acted as the pack's totem, and still venerates Rat and Rat's kin.

At the February 2012 Moot, Salem announced that he was forming a new city pack, possibly under Chimera, and then later challenged Owen for Master of the Challenge. After a rather heated exchange, Owen relinquished the position.

In May 2012, along with Whisper and Wrong Way, he successfully Quested for the totem Chimera, forming the pack Sagacity with himself as Alpha.


Salem's in his sixties and these days resembles a broken-down 'Nam vet. He wears his hair long and his beard full, and his clothing's typically pretty roughed-up. He's got numerous scars, facial and otherwise, and in lupine forms, is missing a good portion of his pelt to scar tissue and other old wounds. Also, he limps, favoring his right leg. Yet he does not appear infirm -- quite the opposite. The aura of rigidly-controlled violence is as strong as it ever was, enough to make most humans wary of him.


Salem tends to come across as surly, aloof, cynical, or world-weary, though he's usually polite when not riled (and sometimes even then). He has a dry sense of humor and is the kind of man more apt to chuckle than laugh aloud. He doesn't open himself up often, and then typically only to packmates or close friends; few are allowed past the man's considerable emotional armor.

Rank Info

  • Arrived in St Claire a Cliath.
  • Successfully challenged Susan Tempered-Blade for Fostern in 2003.
  • Satired for Charach at Hundred Stars Sept in 2005.
  • Successfully challenged Camille for Fostern in 2011.
  • Promoted to Adren in late 2011 during winter solstice event that increased the power of many other Garou worldwide.
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