A Wisdom pack under Chimera
Territory: None declared.
Alpha: Salem ~Scar~
Members: Emma ~Heart of Fire Forges the Stone Spirit~
Slug ~Black-Light~
Former Members: Whisper
Wrong Way ~She Does Things The Wrong Way~
Spirit Name: The Oracle
OOC Information
Creation Date: May 2012
Departure Date: N/A

A rather unconventional pack, Sagacity has established no official territory and does not have a strong dominance structure (as is evident by the fact that its alpha is not the highest-ranked Garou. It was formed in the spring of 2012, but languished for a long time after Whisper died. Its recent addition of Emma and Slug promises to give the pack new life, though of course only time will tell.

Sagacity's patron is the Oracle, a chimera spirit who usually appears in the form of a human woman, sometimes made of reflective mirror-shards. The actual details of the woman she portrays varies from day to day and often even moment to moment. She is also known to take nonhuman forms when the mood strikes her. She is a spirit of quiet humor and knowing smiles.

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