• Name: The Safe House, Glass Walker House
  • Location: 13th and 14th Avenues, Uptown
  • IC Owner: Tu Dinh, Glass Walker Tribal Elder

Notes and History Edit

The Safehouse was bought by Natalie Baker when she was Glass Walker Elder. She was also responsible for having it remodeled, though had plenty of help from tribesmembers as well.

Both floors of safe house were divided, literally, in half. One half was intended purely for tribal use, and the other half was considered for general use.

On New Year's Day of 2008, the ronin Mathias caused the destruction of the Safehouse. The Glass Walkers have since moved to the Tenement Building on Bridge Street.

Glass Walker Side Edit

The Walker side of the house needs a pass card to access. This half is considered tribal territory, and non-Walkers are generally not admitted to it. The main floor has a kitchen, dining, and living room area. There is also a computer room, and a secure wireless network.

The security cameras around the house can be monitored over the network.

Upstairs, in addition to several bedrooms, there is a bunkroom intended for cubs.

The safe house has both an attic as well as a basement. Both are only accessible from the Glass Walker side of the house, and thus are off-limits to any non-tribe members.

The basement has a bunker which serves as a cell for newly captured cubs, or anyone else deemed to be a threat. The bunker is designed to withstand the strength of a crinos. The door locks automatically when shut. From the outside, it may be unlocked by anyone. From the inside, however, it can only be unlocked by used of a gift.

Common Side Edit

The other half is called the common area, and is intended for use of any Sept members, or visitors to the area. People can stay in the bedrooms, and use the other rooms as they wish. People who stay for a prolonged period are asked to either pay rent, or pitch in with odd jobs around the place.

On the common side of the house, is an office which is used by the Glass Walker elder.

Owners ApartmentEdit

There is a two-story apartment which is used by the owner. This apartment can be accessed via an external entrance only.

Floor Plan Images Edit

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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