The Wendigo have maintained a caern in the heart of the Black Hills for more than 300 years. The Sacred Hills sits on what is now a national park. In ancient times the land belonged to the Lakota--the Teton Sioux. The land was granted them by the Fort Laramie Treaty, but when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, no treaty could keep the whites out of the Hills. The treaty was broken, and soon war spread across the land. The Wendigo and their Sioux and Cheyenne kin waged war with the whites. The Wendigo brought re-enforcements from the out of the north and west to make sure that, no matter what happened to the rest of the sacred lands, the caern itself would remain free of whites. To this day outsiders do not often tread within 4 miles of the caern, for fear of never returning. Whites soon learned to go around this mysterious and dangerous part of the Hills. It is one of perhaps only four Wendigo caerns in the Tetons that have never been touched by uninvited Wyrmcomers, or Wyrmbringers.

The Caern Totem is Buffalo, an animal sacred to the kin of the Wendigo that rule the caern. The current Warder is an old theurge by the name of Whistles His Will to the Mountain. The alpha is a staunch traditionalist ahroun Wendigo by the name of Shattered Mountain. Despite the ferocious way the Wendigo defend the caern of the Sacred Hills, the Garou population does not have a lot of Warpath camp members. In fact, the Sept maintains a small but very inclusive band of Child of Gaia. A nearby Sept--oddly enough, one outside the Hills themselves and almost within the limits of Rapid City--contains a more stereoptypical Wendigo Warpath population. The two caerns and septs have often found themselves in conflict--but never when a more opportune target, like the Wyrm, the Glass Walkers, or the human FBI, are available. The Warpath faction would like nothing more than to rest power from the Ghost Dancers that hold the caern.

Additional Notes: NPCs: Whistler, Shattered Mounain, Otter Laughs at Night, Blood Stains the Sky

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