Running Waters (Fallen)
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Composition: Glass Walkers, (Formerly also Children of Gaia and other visitors)
Totem: Old Man River (Formerly Duck)
Nature: Will (formerly Gnosis) (Level 2)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff


In October 1993, a wyrm-tainted mage decimated the Sept (as well as many local Kindred), leaving only four Garou alive. A month later, one of the local Kindred allied himself with the Caern, buying the land to save it from development. The land is now under governmental protection as a park, though that control is tenuous.

After several years, the sept was able to gain enough ground to re-open the Caern itself, dedicated to Old Man River. It is a caern of Will, reflecting the strength and determination of the mighty Mississippi itself.

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Still weakened, the Sept is trying to defend itself against encroaching local corporations, and keep the number of Kindred down.

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