(Level 0 Rite)

This Rite is most common among the Get of Fenris, although some other Tribes have their own variations. The Rite is used by a Theurge to prepare a set of rune-stones which may then be used in other Rites (typically those seeking guidance or answers, such as Precognition or Questing Stone). Learning the Rite includes instruction in the system of runes or glyphs used, and the Rite may be used to incorporate appropriate runic symbolism into other rituals where rune-stones themselves would not be appropriate. The Rite always involves a period of preparation beforehand, typically a day of fasting, washing, and meditation. A day must be spent in carving the rune-stones themselves. The traditional Get of Fenris form requires the Godi to carve Norse runes into bones taken from slain enemies.

A set of rune-stones is tied to its creator- it will not aid anyone else. If any stone is lost or destroyed then an entirely new set must be created.

System: Players are encouraged to develop their character's version of the Rite in a way that reflects the culture and beliefs of their character's Tribe. They may refer to the Rite by a different and more relevant name, although the name on the +sheet will, for simplicity, not be changed. A respectfully-prepared and appropriately-used set of rune-stones (or equivalent) may, at the GM's discretion, improve the success of other Rites (e.g. giving one automatic success-if this cancels a botch then the rune-stones may be damaged).

Note: This differs from the Rite described in the splatbooks.

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