• Pack Name: R.A.T. aka Rough And Tumble
  • Spirit Name: Jenner
  • Spirit Nature: War
  • Spirit Type: Rat
  • Creation Date: Unknown
  • Departure Date: Unknown
  • Members:
ALPHA: Renee Sees-True-Form
BETA: Alicia Guards-the-Flame
Yi Three-Blades
Raul Fixes-Stuff
Craig Snake-Bait


Rough and Tumble held territory in the vicinity of Regan Avenue close to Harbor Park, stretching down to the eastern side of Bridge Street just before the bridge itself.
The pack's formation was fairly smooth, but over the course of time with events such as Craig's death, Raul's wandering away, and the discovery of Renee's pregnancy and birth of her metis child Squeaks-Like-A-Rat, the subsequent fallout from the revelation by Yi to her former packmates caused the pack to break apart.
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