Often a Garou will need a particular Rite performed, but does not know it. While the Garou of a Sept would be well aware of which Garou had previously performed the required Rite, this is not something that necessarily filters into general player knowledge. Thus- for example- when a new pack wishes to find someone to perform the Rite of the Totem, there can be an extended period of asking around in the lounge before they can find a player whose character knows the Rite of the Totem and whose player's schedule matches that of the pack.

I therefore thought it would be helpful to make a list of a limited number of key Rites, and allow players to list their characters as knowing them if they want to. It makes most sense to add those characters that have performed the rite on-camera, but nobody should be obliged to put a character down for it.

This is not an exhaustive list of every Rite; it is not supposed to be. It is a list of carefully chosen key Rites that people frequently have reason to need, whose practitioners would likely be well known to several Garou, and in most cases that are not limited to specific Auspices (with the Rites associated with Moots one noteable exception- I have included those as much to help anyone trying to OOCly organise a Moot as for IC reference).

Moot Rite

Norman Zosia

Opening of the Inner Sky

Norman Zosia

Baptism of Fire

Norman Zosia

Rite of Passage

Rite of the Totem


Talisman Dedication

Camille Norman

Questing Stone

Rite of Silence

Rite of the U-Haul


Gathering for the Departed


Hero's Pyre

Rite of Binding

Norman Zosia

Rite of Cleansing

Camille Norman


Rite of Contrition


Break with the Past


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