Often a Garou will need a particular Rite performed, but does not know it. While the Garou of a Sept would be well aware of which Garou had previously performed the required Rite, this is not something that necessarily filters into general player knowledge. Thus- for example- when a new pack wishes to find someone to perform the Rite of the Totem, there can be an extended period of asking around in the lounge before they can find a player whose character knows the Rite of the Totem and whose player's schedule matches that of the pack.

This list of Rites is not intended to cover every Rite, just those that people commonly need performing. It is also no longer a list that can be assumed to be common IC knowledge. It is now strictly OOC only knowledge. Do not assume your character knows ICly who has the Rite. However, you may find it easier to RP around the discovery of someone to perform a Rite you need ICly when you OOCly know where to start looking.

Baptism of Fire Edit

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