(Garou-only) Rites are the Garou society rituals (see "+help rites"), and this background allows a starting character to come onto the game knowing some; Cubs are not allowed to come in knowing Rites.

GarouMUSH uses a different level-assignment of Rites per point in the Background--see "+info/bg rites2" for the information table on this. But, as an example, a Garou character with a Rites score of '3' may come in with five Level:1 Rites -OR- three Level:1 and one Level:2 Rites (a total of 5 levels of Rites), rather than the only 3 levels of Rites available in the pen-and-paper version of the game.

Characters may also take up to one Minor Rite (level 0) per point spent in the background (e.g. Rites 3 gets you three Level:0 rites).

See "+info/bg rites2" for the Background value/Number of Rites matrix.

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