Level 1

This rite allows the Garou to voluntarily swear a binding oath of allegiance to another being to perform a single task, while giving a small but valued item to the recipient and spending a Gnosis point. If the Garou who undergoes this rite keeps his or her word and attempts in good-faith and to the best of his or her abilities to fulfill the task he or she swore to do, he or she gains a small amount of Honor renown. If the Garou does not attempt to keep his or her word, the item is destroyed and results in a loss of Honor. If the task is performed successfully, the item is returned to the Garou. Most Garou know of this rite and are far more apt to trust a Silver Fang who takes it.

[Type: Accord Rite / Silver Fang Philodox]

(Source: Silver Fang Tribebook)

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