This more powerful but less well known analogue to Questing Stone provides a significantly less reliable way of locating someone about whom only a fact is known. The person performing the rite could search for "The last person to see Herbert alive," "Someone who might be willing to teach me the Rite of the Great Hunt," "Someone who knows how to improve the wards of the caern," or even, "Someone who knows what I should do next about this tree."

The rite cannot be used to foretell the future, and trying to do so will produce no response or a confusing and unusable one. The more concrete the 'search criteria,' the better the chance of success.

It fails more often than most rites, and when it produces no result or a wrong result, it's often impossible to tell whether this is because the rite failed, or because no such person exists. Even when it succeeds, it sometimes does not produce the results actually desire. After all, the last person to see Herbert alive may have killed him. The rite is, however, not inherently malicious and produces results which are roughly what the caster hoped more often than not, if the caster is reasonably careful in his/her phrasing.

System: The rite is performed exactly like Rite of the Questing Stone, except that casting it uses a temporary gnosis point and takes twice as long. It succeeds about 7 times in 10, and provides an actual helpful answer about 4 times in 10 chances.

[Type: Mystic Rite]

(Source: Homebrew, h/t )

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