Level 1

This Rite is a mediator's Rite, geared to help those with passionate beliefs to come together and discuss them. It is a more powerful variant of the Cracking of the Bone at Moot, wherein only the individual with the speaker's token may speak.

Since this is a mediatory ritual, it is often performed within a mediation circle, or, in the case of the Glass Walkers, within a conference room. If the Rite is performed properly, while in the circle, only the Garou holding the stone may speak. All others will find their words come out silent. (Other forms of the ritual feature a bone, or a talking stick, or a laser pointer.) If the speaker's token is taken by force by one of the Garou in the Rite, or is not given when the Ritemaster orders it, the Rite immediately ends and the offending Garou is struck dumb for a day.

System: The Rite is meant for only three Garou at a time, though up to ten may use it. The more people that are added, the more chance the ritual will fail. The ritual may be performed on non-Garou, but it is much harder to do so.

[Type: Rite of Accord / Philodoxes]

(Source: Homebrew h/t Jason)

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