Rite of Purification: (Level 2)

This is a variant on Gathering for the Departed that is only performed by the Silent Striders. Although the recipient need not be a Silent Strider, it is generally used only on Striders, and only the Tribe will be in attendance. The deceased is Cleansed if needed, and then ritually bathed and laid out. The Ritemaster calls upon the spirit of Scarab, who sends his children to devour any flesh remaining on the body until there are only bones. The bones are then blessed and buried where appropriate (a Caern, a Burial Mound, if the deceased is a Strider perhaps by a roadside), but it is considered best to bury them as quickly as possible, so as to avoid offense to the spirits.

[Type: Death Rite / Silent Striders]

(Source: Silent Strider Tribe Book)

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