This Rite is a far more powerful version of Fortune's Reversal. The ritualist spears herself to a tree, a rock, or to the ground and screams out a ritual chant. There is a good chance that any offensive magic used by the foe within earshot will be turned back upon the weilder, be it Garou Gift, Mage willworking, Vampiric Discipline or spirit Charm. Garou Galliards howl the tales of those Theurges who have sung themselves to death trying to aid their allies with this Rite. Some howl of those ritualists whose song continued even after their death...

Sample Tribal Variations: This ancient Rite may be referred to by other names depending on the Tribe of the ritualist (e.g. Odin's Vengeance, Sekhemet's Turning, Balor's Eye). In many Tribes' versions of the Rite the ritualist also holds a shield or mirror or an eyeball taken from the head of an enemy, turned to face the foe. The Strider version requires the ritualist to first drink a pint of barley beer dyed red with ochre.

System: The Garou must spend at least one point of Gnosis to enact the Rite, and takes one point of aggravated damage. Success of the Rite depends on the Garou's chanting (Charisma) and endurance (Half Willpower- round down- or Stamina, whichever is higher). The level of Gift (or equivalent) that can be affected is limited by the ritualist's rank. It may be increased by spending additional Gnosis and taking additional aggravated damage, at a rate of one level per Gnosis spent, with no limit. If the ritualist is distracted or interrupted for any reason (including the use of healing Gifts) he or she may spend WP and take an additional point of aggravated damage to continue chanting. If the ritualist is silenced, moves away or stops chanting, the Rite ends.

In the event of the ritualist's death the player may elect, instead of attempting a Rage-heal, to have an equivalent check made against Gnosis. The Rite continues for a number of rounds equal to the successes (Willpower may be spent to ensure at least one round). For this time the Theurge's body appears animated and audible, and thus her allies may not realise the sacrifice until the battle is over.

Type: Battle Rite/Theurge

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