Level 1

This Rite mystically ties together two individuals, so that their pains and their travails are shared. It has been known to be used as a teaching tool, for example to let men experience the pain of childbirth. Some camps of Gaians or Black Furies perform this Rite regularly on a husband and wife before giving birth.

There are many forms of this ritual; most have the Ritemaster tying some kind of string around the Garou's hands. The Rite completes when the string disappears into the flesh of the two Garou.

The Rite stays in effect for a few days to a week, the longer the more Gnosis is spent; it can last up to a moon cycle for exceptional expenditures of Gnosis. Or, alteratively, it can end at any time when the RItemaster cuts the cord. (If the Ritemaster is unavailable or some reason, another can be employed to end the ritual prematurely, but it will be a truly difficult ritual.) While the RIte is in effect, both Garou share the pain and wounds of the other. Fatal wounds are shared as well. The ritual may be performed on non-Garou, but it is much harder to do so.

Type: [Rite of Accord / Philodoxes] [Homebrew (h/t Jason.)]

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