This rite permits one Garou (or more, acting together) to go for a time without feeling pain. The rite lasts as long as no one affected by it eats, drinks, or sleeps. When the rite is broken, all pain which should have been experienced for the duration of the rite will be felt at once. If a group of garou perform the rite together, then all pain experienced by any members of the group will be spread evenly among all (living) members upon the rite's dissolution.

If the Rite is maintained for too long a time, with the pain not experienced, the bill presented for payment may be unbearably high at the end of that time. Willpower may be required to endure it, at the gm's discretion. Secondly, if a group of Garou cast this rite over themselves and then one or more members of the group die before the rite is broken (for instance, if it is case before going into a dire combat), the cumulative pain experienced by the remaining Garou when the rite is dissolved may be far greater than that which would have been experienced by any individual. Although the worst that commonly happens is agony, failure of concentration, and the loss of temporary willpower points, it is possible for Garou to go mad or even die from the flood of pain at the rite's ending, depending on what happened during the ritual was in effect. Stories about this rite, its power, and its danger, are rife, and many (especially Gaians and Bone Gnawers) refuse to learn or teach it for fear that the seductive power will lead to tragedy - or simply consider it not worth the risk.

System: the rite is not especially difficult to cast, although it does take time (~10 minutes per person). It is much more likely to fail with a large number of garou (more than 4 or 5), and sometimes fails when attempted with a group who are mostly strangers to each other.

Type: Mystic Rite / Theurge (Source: Homebrew, h/t Meg)

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