A genealogical Rite with a dual purpose. Galliards use it to determine a lost cub's Tribe bloodline and to reveal noteworthy ancestors. Philodox use it to verify the identity of a hero's descendants before passing on an inheritance, and to discover the sire of a metis cub if none is forthcoming.

Typically, the ritemaster draws the blood of the subject with a silver knife and sings a long paean to the ancestor-spirits of his Tribe and any others that might be watching over the subject. As he completes the song, the ancestor-spirits whisper the subject's heritage into his ears. Not all desired information is always provided (or available), and information interesting to spirits but not Garou may be encountered. Or, at times, the ancestor spirits may not want to acknowledge the Garou's heritage for reasons of their own. For various spiritual and cultural reasons, this Rite is less effective when used on Silent Striders, Bone Gnawers, and Glass Walkers.

System: Success depends on the ritemaster's shrewdness (Wits) and ritual experience. At the GM's discretion it may also be affected by the ritemaster's relations (good or bad) with the ancestors of any Tribe involved, and (of course) by the needs of the Plot. The subject's true heritage is revealed for one generation back per success (for example, two successes would reveal the subject's parents and grandparents). In addition, the ritemaster receives the answer to one specific question about the subject's heritage per success; e.g., "What was this cub's paternal grandfather's profession?" or "Does the blood of any other Tribe run in this cub's veins?" The answer will be accurate as long as the answer can be found within the number of generations revealed. The Rite of Heritage works with Garou, humans and wolves (although wolves, lacking names, are harder to accurately identify), and with non-Kin and mages. It does not work on the undead or on fae.

Type: Mystic Rite / Philodox & Galliard

(Source: Tribebook: Get of Fenris - with modifications)

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